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floor insulation

  1. Floor insulation for porch / study

    The title is a bit off. No one insulate porch I know. But that's the best way without going too long for a title. I have this porch/balcony in my house I'm trying to convert this into a room. I will have windows installed on the opening on the 2 sides and have HVAC vent redirect to this...
  2. Basement floor insulation

    Hello, I live in Ontario, Canada and I am finishing a poored concrete basement that has never had water issues but could considering the area i live, I have decided on a subfloor and insulation system and would like ALL of your thoughts. After days of reading Internet feeds, talking with...
  3. How to raise floor, add new toilet

    I am updating my laundry/mechanical room. My house was built in the 50s and on a crawl. My laundry/mechanical room is on a slab on the other side of the garage. I have many issues with this room.:confused1: My first question is about flooring. I would like to raise the floor somehow so that you...
  4. Tile over rigid insulation.

    Building & Construction
    Hey guys, Im a first time poster and I am seeking some important information for finishing my basement. There are no problems with flooding and water. It is cold down there in the winter and I want to warm up the floors. So i am thinking of putting down a 1 inch thick rigid closed cell rigid...
  5. Kitchen floor insulation

    I thought I'd already posted this question, but I don't see it so... I live in a 100+ year old house. Removed old linoleum covering kitchen floor only to find a fir subfloor which finished beautifully. However, it is always cold. The kitchen sits on top of a low-ceiling cement 'room;' an...