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  1. What kind of Underlayment to use for Bamboo Upstairs

    Hello I live in Houston TX where the EMC (equilibrium moisture content) is rather high 8-13% and the weather is warm year round. I am planning on nailing down 1/2" solid stranded bamboo (with hand-scrapped finish) on my upstairs which has wood subfloor. I am wondering if I can use Felt paper as...
  2. Nailing Down Bamboo on a Catwalk Hallway

    I am planning on nailing down solid Bamboo on the second floor of my home. I have a "catwalk" hallway in my second floor that looks down on the first floor on both sides of the catwalk (see attached photo). This means that I do not have walls on this catwalk. If I had walls I could hide the 1/2"...
  3. Continuing tile from kitchen into utility room

    Best way to raise concrete 3/4 inch for tile? Hi. I tried to search other posts but couldn't find an exact match to my question. I have finished tiling my kitchen with ceramic tile over 3/4 inch plywood subfloor and hardie board with thin set and screws. I want to continue into my utility room...
  4. Floor Installation - Porcelain Tile over VCT...Please help

    Hello, I am removing my laminate floors and underneath is perfectly level VCT tile - no bubbling, undulating flat and level as it gets. I have consulted with many contractors and some say I can install 3/8in porcelain tile right over the VCT with Versabond fortified thin-set . Some say...