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  1. Plumbing
    Hello plumbing experts, I need your help in troubleshooting the cause of a strange problem that has occurred a couple of times in my townhouse complex. The combination of symptoms doesn't seem to fit my understanding of drain hookups, suggesting there may be a mistake somewhere. Here are the...
  2. Flooring
    You should simply connect one end of your garden hose to the pump vacuum, and leave the flip side where you'd like the water to go. As you vacuum the water, the water is pumped through the wet dry vacuum tank and the garden hose, out of your basement.
  3. Blog
    As a homeowner, you know how important it is to protect your home from flooding. One of the most vulnerable areas to flooding is the basement. Much of the plumbing of a house runs through the basement. It is also the easiest place for water to collect, whether it is from an internal burst pipe...
  4. Plumbing
    Beginning this weekend a "spring" has erupted in my basement at the site an existing sump pump opening-- Well, ok, so what I have is about a square hole that has been cut out of the slab, down about 4-5" or whatever the depth of the slab is, then it seems be rock hard dirt below. I'm not sure...
1-4 of 4 Results