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  1. After a flood, okay to remove less than bottom 2 feet of drywall?

    Drywall & Plaster
    Some emergency flood restoration workers say that it's necessary to remove drywall touched by water, starting at the floor, up to two feet (60cm). To me, that sounds suspiciously like a magic number, not necessarily supported by science. Would it work to simply remove the baseboard, and then...
  2. Backyard Sump Pump Discharge Questions

    Greetings, I am installing a sump basin and pump in the back corner of my back yard. The whole lot is graded down away from the street unfortunately. As a result the back yard gets majorly flooded in heavy rains. Most of the neighbor's run off ends up in my back yard. I have my plan mostly...
  3. Strange issue with motion detector fixture and LED's

    Greetings everyone. I have an issue that I can't seem to find an explanation for anywhere. I've looked all over the net, and all over this forum and can't locate a similar concern. Here it is: I have a 2 socket motion detector outdoor fixture on my garage, works great but the bulbs burned...
  4. Help! Mysterious Tub Flood/Leak

    Hello, I'm a first time home owner, and am looking for some serious advice. My wife and I bought a brand new inner city duplex infill unit in Calgary Alberta this last May. Our master bathroom is on the top floor. The other September night, my wife had a jacuzzi bath (which she has done many...
  5. Sump Pump or Electrical Issue

    I had a new french drain installed in Jan. 2011. This included new sump pump with battery backup. All worked fine until 2 days ago, Sunday. Lower level of house flooded. Initially thought it was same original leak, but then realized it was the sump pump overflowing....system was off...
  6. Water Main, water/sand migration through foundation wall/slab joint

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi, I recently had a water main break in the street directly in front of my house approximately 50 feet from my foundation wall, almost right in line where my house's water connection connects to the main. I had water (and sand) enter the basement from where the foundation wall and the slab...
  7. Back Yard Advice / Water Trouble

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    My wife and I live in a small suburb of Chicago with a 3 city lot property. We recently had some tree's removed due to a carpenter ant problem and are working with a clean slate in terms of the yard space and looking for ideas on how to setup the area / landscape it. I did purchase on an end of...
  8. Remove old hardwood glue b4 laying tile?

    Hi all, Our house was severely flooded and our hardwood, of course, was unsalvageable. We are first time homeowners and don't have a lot of knowledge on remodeling (and didn't intend to do so anytime soon). Anyways, we are laying "hardwood looking" tile and need to know how important it is to...
  9. Exterior Flood Light Problem

    I have 2 exterior flood light units on my house, one has 2 bulbs the other has 1 bulb. I replaced the bulbs after we moved in about 10 months ago. the typical halogen bulbs burn out after 3 or 4 weeks. I quickly became tired of replacing these bulbs every month and switched to LED flood light...
  10. Flooding

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Picture attatched I need to get water out of the are near the potio in the lower area. It is flooding the patio, washing it out, and creates a river runing over it during moderate to heavy rain. 2 drainsputs are near the patio also, that shoot out a good amount of water. The flooding is worse...
  11. Portable Outdoor Floodlight

    I want to make a small (maybe about 6ft tall) portable fluorescent worklight for outdoor use in my yard (similar to those portable MH worklights). I do alot of outdoor yardwork, and I found myself always working after dark, trying to use a flashlight to finish the last bit of the weeding...
  12. Still leak after weeping tile replacement

    I own a 1960 bugalow in Vancouver, BC. I have encountered water problem in my finished basement earlier this year around Feburary. Basically, I saw water mark and paint peeling on the dry wall next to the foundation wall. I had a couple companies came in and look at the problem. When they cut...
  13. Flood proof Valves????

    Does anyone have a recommended check valve for flood proofing, water heaters and softeners and laundry appliances. I have a friend who's all in one water softener resin tank burst last week:eek: and I have the same unit