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  1. Floating Deck Beams

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I have built decks before, many of my own and friends but not one like this. I have a friend who bought a mobile home and at the door it is over 4 feet to the ground, where the porch deck will stop is about 3 feet. See picture The deck porch will be 8 x 8 The subframe will be framed with 2...
  2. Is there a fully waterproof floating floor ?

    I'm looking for basement flooring options and would ideally prefer a floating floor that is truly waterproof. I know of one product that is sold in the Netherlands - it's a PVC core, but it's very expensive to get here. Can anyone provide some suggestions? Solution must float as the concrete...
  3. Generator to a cabin in forest

    I need to wire up a small camp in the forest. The current primary source of power will be a generator. My generator's manual says it has a floating neutral. In the future we may switch to solar power along with generator power. I am confused with the panel installation and the ground / neutral...
  4. Floating floor threshold terminates mid-run

    Any good advice how to deal with the ends of the thresholds that are needed at the sill of a sliding door? On either side of the door the new floorboards will tuck under the baseboards (with appropriate gap), but across the face of the door I need the thresholds. These should terminate at the...
  5. Floating shelves from treads

    Kwikfishron gave a great idea of floating shelves from stair trends. My question is asking for guidance on the implementation? 1. For two studs 16" apart apart, how much wider can the width of the shelf/trend extend beyond a lagged stud; that is, for example, can the shelve extend 10" beyond a...
  6. Floating Kitchen Cabinet install

    Hi All! I am a fairly competent (albeit somewhat beginner) DIY-er and was looking for some advice. (Sorry about the lack of correct terminology!) I recently bought a floating side cabinet for my kitchen, that I'm debating whether I can install it myself, or if I should have a pro do it. I've...
  7. Mounting a really heavy floating vanity properly around plumbing.

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hey, All. I did my best to find a similar situation with search but no luck. I am trying to create cross-bracing to mount a 200lb stone floating vanity/vessel. I cannot even see a way to insert an angle iron here. Please see my photos here: Any advice...
  8. How can a bathroom floor float?

    I'm thinking of Home Depot's glue-together vinyl Allure for an old bathroom with plywood underlayment. The salesman says since it floats it won't telegraph underlying imperfections. But if the toilet sits on the Allure, I assume it can't float. Has that caused problems for anyone?
  9. quarter round against metal track for sliding glass door

    I am installing a floating bamboo floor and I am not sure the best way to finish the gap between the floor and the metal piece that forms the track for a sliding glass door (shown above in picture). I would like the gap to be 1/4 - 1/2". I was thinking of installing 3/4" quarter round and glue...
  10. Suggestions

    Currently we have our original hardwoods exposed but for whatever reason they have plywood in the doorways. The main issue though is that there's paint and what have you on the hardwoods ( I can post an image if necessary. ) We were considering refinishing them but with the time and mess...
  11. Lumber Liquidator's "Value Grade" engineered flooring?

    Hello everyone.... this is my first post. I am considering buying some "Value Grade" Maple engineered wood (click/floating) flooring from Lumber Liquidators. From the quote I got, I can't determine who exactly manufactures the flooring, but it is Maple, 3/8" thick x 5" wide. It has a 5 year...