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  1. Pest Control
    I'm on a friend's couch, and I found this in my jeans, now I fear I have unknowingly gave them parasites. Looks like a flea, to me, but my greatest fear is that I'll have to deal with bed bugs. Haste required. Please identify this bug, and if possible, advise me on how to rectify the problem, as...
  2. Pest Control
    Aarrrggghhh- Is there really a "safe" or "natural" method for getting rid of fleas once and for all? I've read about herbal treatments and lots of so-called natural stuff, but has anyone ever actually tried any of these and they worked? Thanks.
  3. Pest Control
    Hi All! I have a small (600 sq. ft.) condo that has all tile except in my bedroom which has carpet. My cat has fleas and so I was wondering... do those do-it-yourself flea bombs work or would I be better off hiring a professional company? Also, do you think the fleas are only in my bedroom...
  4. Pest Control
    My husband and I recently moved into an apartment only to find that it is infested with fleas. We contacted management and they had a pest company spray our apartment. We waited a few days but there didn't seem to be any reduction in the amount of fleas. So (and, in retrospect, we should not...
1-4 of 4 Results