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  1. Fixture Count

    I am planning to replace the exposed galvanized pipe in the basement of an old house. I would connect to the existing supply system for three 1/2" runs behind plaster walls running up to the second floor and for the 3/4" supply line to the house, and replace the rest of the system with CPVC...
  2. Fluorescent Light Strips Rough In - Outlet box or hole in drywall

    I'm about to start doing the rough in for the ceiling light fixtures in the garage. I will install fluorescent light strip fixtures and I was wondering what most of you prefer doing for the rough in. I have two options in mind; 1) Staple the wire to a stud and make a hole in the drywall and...
  3. Where did that wire GO?

    They built the house. Sometime after that, they built on an addition. Then Lynn bought it. Years went by. Now I'm responsible. The ceiling in the addition has a fixture. The box in the ceiling looks like it was installed at the time the addition was built. The fixture doesn't work. I tested...
  4. Need simple clip for faucet

    We have a leak in our bar faucet and upon removing the cold water handle I noticed a small clip that was damaged. I am not sure if this is my problem. I have attached photos of the faucet and clip. I cannot find a make or model / serial # to order a replacement part or a similar faucet. A...
  5. Installing vanity bar light

    Quick question. I am remodeling my bathroom and would like to install a 3 light bar fixture above the vanity. The problem is that the sink air vent PVC is exactly between the studs vertically where I would want to place the box. I have 2x4 construction, and there obviously is no room for a...