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  1. Cannot find 5/8" sprinkler elbow fittings

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi All, I moved into a house built in 1985. When fixing a broken sprinkler i noticed that the blue plastic L-shaped part that connects the sprinkler head to the pipe had broken (i think it's called the Riser fitting or Elbow Insert) So i took it out to get a replacement, but i could not find...
  2. Moving interior panel to exterior: connecting rear of two panels

    I am doing a panel replacement job in a multi-family house that failed inspection because some (pre-existing) circuits in the panel control common areas and the panel in not accessible to all residents (NEC 210.25 violation). The panel is on an exterior wall so the inspector suggests moving...
  3. Joint compound on brass fittings for natural gas?

    Hi, I recently had my bbq converted to natural gas. The gas is coming in on a black iron pipe with a shutoff valve and a 1/2 inch flare. I need to split the line using a T-connector (to run gas to main grill and a separate side burner). Should I use joint compound on my connections? Thanks...
  4. Where can I buy this light?

    Hi all, I have a lamp from about 6 years ago that I'd like to repair. During a move, the power cable (which is connected directly to a small white light fitting which held the globe) got damaged when the cable got pulled out of the fitting. Both the globe/fitting and cable have since been...