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fireplace repair

  1. Mystery Material in Fireplace Hearth

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi gang... This mess is hanging under the fireplace hearth. It is a passive flow inlet, pulling cool air off the floor and passing it inside the wall of the fireplace insert and venting it above the screen and doors. I assume it is there so you cannot see the dirt and dust bunnies that will...
  2. Pilot kicks off when fireplace burner kicks on

    General DIY Discussions
    I recently installed a remote controlled gas valve in my fireplace. I can get the pilot to light, but as soon as the burner is turned on (with remote or control box) the pilot goes out. I have tried everything to get it to work but cannot. It seems that the gas to the pilot is turned off when...
  3. Finishing my basement myself and have some questions

    Hi I am finishing my basement in my 1954 house. It is now just cinderblock walls with 1" nailing strips. It used to be finished with panelling but that was in such bad condition I tore it out. -I plan to use spray foam insulation, as I will frame with 2x4s on top of existing 1” nailing strips...
  4. Fireplace/chimney repair options

    Building & Construction
    A visual and video inspection of my fireplace led to a report stating that I have: -A gap between flue liner and brickwork of the chimney; -Large openings between flue liners, as well as longitutinal fractures (in a few places, you can see the aluminum heater liner through a crack in the...