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finishing basement

  1. 5" Gimbal info

    We are looking to finish our basement. We have eight foot ceilings and I want to us a 5" gimbal recessed light stile on our ceiling. What is the maximum distance between the lights and the light and the wall? Does a 6" gimbal have a wider light radios then a 5" gimbal and bulb? Since the gimbal...
  2. Window ledge material

    Windows and Doors
    Hi there, I have some windows installed in my basement that look like this: I have finished drywalling, and painting. But i'm not sure what to do with the window sill. Do I put drywall there? Or a jamb? Or something else? And what do I do with the edge that is...
  3. Insulating Basement

    I hope I can explain my question thoroughly. I am in the process of finishing 1,200 sq. ft of my poured concrete basement. I have had the envelope of the house sprayed with 2" of closed cell foam including the 400 sq. foot crawl space. They also completely foamed the walls except for each...
  4. Basement In-Law Suite Addition Help

    Building & Construction
    Hello, I am looking for information on doing a basement in-law addition in Ottawa, Canada. The space will have the following: Bedroom, TV-Room, Kitchen, Eating area, Laundry room, 3 piece bathroom. It will be approx 750 sq feet. Ceilings will be finished smooth drywall with about 4 pot...
  5. What needs done to put a half-bathroom in this basement? (photos included)

    Beginning the process of finishing our basement. We didn't build this house, but I think that the builder at least put some rough plumbing into the unfinished basement. The area where I believe we'd have to put the half bathroom has what I believe is a vent stack and a drain of some sort...
  6. No support beams in basement?

    Building & Construction
    We recently purchased a new house. The basement is half finished. Here is the question. Where are the support beams? In most houses there are metal polls hanging down and in this one there are none. We are wanting to redo the basement, but have not clue where the supports are. The pictures...
  7. Finished Basement Insulation

    Building & Construction
    I live in Central Indiana, and am in the process of finishing my basement. Electrical phase is nearly complete, and I'm getting ready for HVAC then insulation. Temps are pretty mild down there now with about a 5-7 degree difference from the upstairs rooms. I have framed the walls with 2x4...
  8. Figuring HVAC Needs in Basement

    Hey everyone - I'm finishing my basement downstairs, and now getting to the HVAC stage. The unit in the house can handle all the additional needs of the basement (was specifically ordered that way when we built it back in 2007). There were 2 runs coming off the main trunk line to the outer...