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  1. Building & Construction
    We installed a huge Fiberon deck 4 years ago and the deck is now warping and boards are splitting. Fiberon will not honor their warranty and say it is all because of faulty installation. :furious: We meticulously worked with our son who is a contractor and the installation is not the problem...
  2. Building & Construction
    I'm finishing up a steel frame deck with some nice two tone Fiberon Castle Gray fascia on the outside rim. Since the rim joist and rim ledgers are 14 and 16g steel, I originally bought some very expensive($18 box)self tapping gray colored screws made for this application, to be fastened from the...
  3. Building & Construction
    I'm FINALLY getting my deck done and trying to find a handrail system for my new deck. I originally wanted to use 2x4's and a 5/4 x 6 top cap with belly ballusters; but that will far excede my budget; so I've been shopping around for an alternative. I found someone liquidating some 12' Fiberon...
  4. General DIY Discussions
    hello i need help? i build a deck about 6 to9 month ago and i used fiberon horizontal "IPE" and it WARPED all over i hate it now i have to take it all apart and see what the problem!, anyone can help me? does this happened all the time with Fiberon? did anyone went throu this?
  5. Building & Construction
    I have been trying to get answer on this for a couple of months now. It seems every site I go to, contractor or not, has a different answer. "Use this not that" or "Don't use that use this". I realize most concur TREX has royally screwed up in the past to the point of Class action lawsuit...
1-5 of 5 Results