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  1. 18g Brad nailer for fencing

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi Guys, im new to doing some DIY work. I want to build a timber fence using treated pine. I was wondering if I could use a 18g brad nailer to do the job. I also have to nail the floor skirtings and so I do not want to invest by buying 2 nail guns. Hence I would like to receive any suggestions...
  2. Vinyl Fence Repair

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Go easy on me as I'm a new homeowner and equally new to home repair! our front yard has an underscalloped vinyl fence. One of the pickets' peaks is cracked off (no idea how), and borders our neighbor's driveway. I don't like this eye sore for our neighbors and ourselves and would really like...
  3. Starting New Business

    General DIY Discussions
    My name is John and I am starting a new Handyman Business and would appreciate any suggestions or tips anyone would like to share. Thank you:smile:
  4. Cut top aluminium fence post

    General DIY Discussions
    I have just finished setting 20 aluminum 2x2 fence posts. The are not all exactly the same height. To cut them, my thought is a circular saw with metal blade. I do not have a reciprocating saw and i need these to be level so caps can go on. Would using the circular saw be best tool? Here...
  5. How Close Can I put Fence to Utility Pole?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hello, I have a Utility/Telephone pole in my back yard about 2-3 feet from the back edge of my property. Right now I just have chick wire as fencing to keep my dogs in but I want to put up a better fence/ Privacy fence to block the neighbors shrubs from growing into our lawn. How close can I...
  6. Durable Fence materials

    General DIY Discussions
    First I wanna say hi everybody,(noob) I just bought my first home and will probably be an avid member. I am very crafty but never have had a home to make improvements to. Now onto my question. My summer project is to build a good neighbor fence that will last. I live in the Pacific N.W...
  7. Split-Rail Fence - Building guide

    Project Showcase
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  8. Lattice for large openings

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi all! I moved into an old farm house with a large covered porch. It's a cement slab and the posts that hold up the roof are approximately 9 feet apart. One end is open and the other meets up with a concrete slab. I want to attach lattice sheets between the posts to keep my small dogs on...
  9. greetings from soggy Seattle!

    New Member Introductions
    Found this site while looking for fencing options (the kind to keep the cat in the yard, not the kind involving swords...), and it seemed like a great resource. I have owned my 1944 Cape-style charmer (read: small) for 11 years and have been lucky with the maintenance, but some of that stuff...
  10. Staining a new fence and an old deck

    Good Moring DIYers! Hopefully this weekend we will be staining our fence and deck in preparation for our total back yard overhaul. Our "new" fence is a year old and was power washed last weekend. Since then we have had good weather (in the 70-80's) but it looks like a few sprinkles today...
  11. How to replace a loose fence post

    Building & Construction
    Here's my issue- I need to replace a fence post which is set into the concrete of my patio/driveway (the fence separates them). The fence post in question is loose in the concrete, likely due to years of wind and rain, etc. The post needs to be replaced, as it is starting to rot. As removing...
  12. How wide of a gate to leave for future possible construction?

    General DIY Discussions
    Could someone please advise - what size (in feet or metres) of an opening / gate to leave for a personal property while installing privacy fencing if I will be building addition to the house in the future? Thank you in advance for your kind answer.
  13. Replacing an older fence - should I use same post holes?

    Building & Construction
    I have an older 4' fence in my backyard that is falling apart. I plan on tearing it completely out and replacing with a 6' privacy fence. Should I dig out the concreted old posts and use the same holes or would they be too big from digging out the old posts? I could fill them all in and redig...
  14. Attaching a fence to vinyl siding

    Building & Construction
    Hello. I have a wood fence that rubs on the side of my house, and is extremely loud. I have been thinking about fastening the post to the house, but that requires me to go through our vinyl siding. I do understand that the vinyl needs room to expand and contract (make a bigger hole than the...