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  1. Building Fence, deciding on type of wood

    Building & Construction
    I've set the 4"x4" posts in which I used pressure-treated. I'm looking for suggestions on type of wood that will last and have the ability to put a light stain on it. The hardware guy said cedar. I'm looking for it to be something like the pic I've attached (horizontal fence). Not sure if...
  2. Metal Fence Trim Suggestions?

    Hello, I'm in the process of building a fence and I am looking for a material, that's like this... Ideally they would be totally flat 4" wide pieces (6' to 8') in length. I would screw them into vertical fence posts...
  3. Cheap 8' Tall Fence

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Gentlemen, I have been tasked with creating a cheap privacy fence for an upcoming music festival. The fence only needs to be up for 24 hours and will be disposed of at the end, so it will not need to be very expensive or need to withstand too much abuse. The current idea is to take t-posts...
  4. Attaching wood fence to house

    Building & Construction
    Hi guys. I'm currently building a wood picket privacy fence (6' high, shadowbox style). We have three dogs, including a 90 lb boxer, and we want to keep them in the backyard on nice days. My question involves how best to attach the fence to the house. My general design involves 4x4 posts, with...
  5. Post hole depth of 12"

    Building & Construction
    I am building a 4ft picket fence on one side of the house with no gate, 14ft long. The problem I'm having on this side of the house is that I can only get down 12"-15" in 2 of the post holes because of what appears to be large boulders. Since this is on the unused side of the house and there is...
  6. Distance to fence posts on 6" deep concrete slab

    Building & Construction
    I am designing a new fence. Posts will be anchored with these flat base brackets: to a 6" concrete slab. What should the distance between the posts. I am hoping for 8' but am a little concerned about wind shear. We are located in SF Bay Area, it can...
  7. Best fence type for driveway property divider

    Building & Construction
    Hi there. We moved into our house not long ago and we have a driveway that is about 90 feet long and at a 45* angle... our driveway and our neighbors driveway meet like the bottom tip of a V... We need to put some kind of fence to give us some privacy and also keep each others small kids out...
  8. Clarification regarding fence posts

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I'm building a lattice top fence in PT lumber around my property. I'm building panels that will be attached to posts. I chose this approach because of the design I wanted for the fence. Some panels are 4'x8' and some 5'x8'. In spite of the relatively short height of the fence, the panels are...
  9. DIY Replacement of a Wood Fence

    Building & Construction
    I recently retired from the military. My home in San Antonio, Texas is currently vacant. It has been a rental property for the past 4.5 years and has lost money throughout. It desperately needs a new fence and due to my now diminished income, believe that I will have to build it myself, with the...