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felt paper

  1. tar papering sidewall

    I'm about to begin attaching tar paper to my sidewall in preparation for cedar shingling. What writes well on tar paper? I've tried all sorts of writing instruments including a Sharpie and nothing works. All all nearly invisible. I need to mark level lines on the paper to adjust my courses...
  2. New home roofing rippling/deflection issue

    My Tennessee home was started in May 2012 and the roof was put on in late June. We moved into the house March 2013. The shingles or sheathing on the homes roof is lifting /deflecting causing ripples in the roof. This was noticed for the first time a couple of months after the singles were...
  3. Tar paper vs felt over plank roof

    Hi, I have a leaking roof and asked for estimates the only difference that I have seen between two companies I like. The first uses GAF/ELK and 30pd felt. The second uses Certianteed and tar paper. The reason that the 1st company gave for the use of felt was that over plank supports it would...
  4. To use red rosin paper or not with hardwood floors

    I'm installing 5/16 Brazilian Walnut above a finished heated/air conditioned basement. I have installed a new plywood underlayment and am now ready to install the floors. The floors have been acclimated to the new room for 3 weeks. I have read conflicting opinions over whether to use felt...