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  1. Fedders Heating Element Needed

    Fedders Heating Element 113300990004 needed for model AEQO7F2AG-E. Cannot find the part anywhere on the internet. It is discontinued by Fedders. If not available for sale, is there a similar coil/element I can install?
  2. Fedders condenser broke - fan not working

    Woke up this morning and thermostat was set to 75 but temp was 85. The air handler was working and vents were blowing air but not cold. Went outside and condenser isnt working, the fan isnt blowing. Reset the breaker, didnt help, checked condenser with voltage tester and it is getting power. I...
  3. Fedders Gas Furnace - fan not coming on...

    I have a 6-7 year old Fedders gas furnace / AC model ABA 060 NH3R. Yesterday, what I suspect is the fan/blower stopped working. Trying to troubleshot the exact problem I found that the breaker to the unit had been tripped. When I switched the breaker back on it trip again intermittently, some...