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  1. Pool enclosure - fasteners

    Building & Construction
    I'm replacing all the fasteners on my pool enclosure in FL. It's not near saltwater FYI. I pulled a few fasteners out to check the size, and they're slightly different: some are 3/4" x #12, others are about slightly thinner shafts, maybe #10, and are 1/2" long, etc. I don't want to buy three...
  2. Fasteners for Cedar Decking ?

    Building & Construction
    Hello - I'm re-topping my deck and looking for a recommendation on fasteners ? Material will be the 5/4 Cedar Suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. How to mount Aluminum Sign in Hardy Plank Board

    General DIY Discussions
    I need to mount this very light, aluminum sign onto Hardy Board Plank siding. I have two questions regarding the correct way to fasten: 1 - What kind of fastener should I use? Do they make aluminum screws? I don't want to use a metal that will rust, nor one that will cause galvanic...
  4. Window Grille Insert Fastener Identification

    Windows and Doors
    Hello. I recently removed the window grille inserts to clean the glass beneath. Several of the fasteners broke when removing them. They are small nails with a plastic head and barrel around the nail head. Photo attached. What are these fasteners called? Where might I purchase replacements? The...
  5. Does this screw exist in the building trade too?

    General DIY Discussions
    Computer geeks are probably familiar with the two screws which fasten the VGA (video) port to the computer body. (I put a photo into my album) Those screws sport a hex-shaped head with a grooved hole for the next screw to go in. So a bunch of them could be screwed together into a chain, if one...
  6. How to attach framed art to a tile wall?

    Interior Decorating
    My bathroom has a large pony wall that currently is all single color travertine tile. I would like to center a piece of framed art on the wall to provide a dose of color. One side of the wall is the shower and the other side is the bath tub. The tile barely has grout lines to add nails in...
  7. Attaching a fence to vinyl siding

    Building & Construction
    Hello. I have a wood fence that rubs on the side of my house, and is extremely loud. I have been thinking about fastening the post to the house, but that requires me to go through our vinyl siding. I do understand that the vinyl needs room to expand and contract (make a bigger hole than the...