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face plate

  1. Finding a Faceplate for a Single Receptacle in a Double Ganged Box

    Hi there, Problem I need to use a double or a larger box for a single receptacle and I can't find a proper face plate, nor am I sure if I can put the receptacle in the middle of the double box. The reason for the larger size is due to pigtailing three sets of #12 wires. This must be a...
  2. Noise from behind face plate

    Suddenly, to press the buttons to turn on my shower fan is to elicit a very odd noise. It's steady yet shaky. Would much appreciate counsel.
  3. How to choose the correct size wood connector

    General DIY Discussions
    “How do I choose a wood connector size for my exposed beams?” This is one of the most common questions home owners and builders have when trying to incorporate decorative or structural iron beam straps with timbers. For new construction an engineer or an architect will specify the requirements...
  4. Face plates and plugs or switches inside -- must they match

    Interior Decorating
    I'm ordering oil rubbed bronze face plates for outlets in kitchen with new granite counters and backsplash. The plugs and switches in the outlets are white. I don't think it will look right.....will it? Any advice? If they must match or at least coordinate, any idea where to get the new...