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  1. Painting
    Hello, I have a mock tudor style house that I've been in for a few years. I've attached a picture. The exterior color scheme looks a little tired to me and I'd like to paint it to look more modern. The tudor colors are little tacky and it's obviously not a true tudor house. I am totally open to...
  2. Painting
    where to purchase and how is it applied and the roof prepped? I'd like to try it on the back half of house about 450 sq ft. seems harmless and would be less expensive than radiant barrier or metal roof just as white clothes, umbrella, hats, and cars are cooler is the concept.
  3. Painting
    I just painted a porch using SW Duration semi-gloss. Having read here the importance of applying thickly, I did so. The good news was that it covered well. The bad news was because it's so thick, it left very obvious brush marks, even on smooth wood. I also had to clean my brush a couple of...
  4. Painting
    I just finished my deck and grabbed what I thought was exterior stain. In fact, it was interior acrylic paint. So I now have a deck with one coat of interior paint on it. Help! what do I do now?
  5. Painting
    HELP!! My old home is covered in this stuff. The state says they have no dumping areas for it so to cover with siding or repaint. I can't afford siding on no income, but I can paint. Only I don't know if I can power wash it or not prior to priming and how many coats of paint to apply. Two tiles...
  6. Painting
    I'm looking for some help here about how to deal with painting my shutters: the paint is still not totally dry after about 8 months! Here's the background: I bought new, custom made, red cedar shutters last summer. I primed them with an oil-based primer from SW, as recommended for cedar. I...
  7. Painting
    We are attempting to put up plywood along the inside of the two horizontal supports on our fence to paint a mural. It will be about 2' high and run 82'. We plan on painting with our children and would like the piece to last a long time, preventing warping, peeling and fading as long as possible...
  8. Painting
    We are going to be re-painting the exterior of our stucco over block home, built in 2005 in the Orlando Florida area. We had injection foam insulation installed, and the holes from such patched. I plan on spot-priming the places where the holes were patched and textured, and then repainting...
  9. Painting
    I recently bought this house and I am about to start some needed exterior repair then either STAIN or PAINT. Should I keep it the same existing brown or change it up to bring life to this somewhat rural. Houses in area are all different from original cottages to modern with a mixture of style...
  10. Painting
    1949 wood California Ranch house painted red, every year we have to repaint it because it fads so much. Love the color hate the work. Any suggestion of a long lasting non fading RED exterior paint to use?
  11. Painting
    I'm new for exterior paint. My problem is I don't know which color scheme to choose. We just bought the house. My wife would like to have white/blue tone but we don't know how to apply them. White and blue/gray on trims, porch railing? The current shutters are dark green but we can easily...
21-31 of 31 Results