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  1. Painting
    Planning on repainting two wooden garage doors, in the condition you see below, to be bright white to match the trim. Any recommendations on how to prep and paint the doors and what paints and products to use would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Painting
    Hi, we had our front door painted by pro painters about 7 years ago with SW Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex in Satin finish (they picked the paint and sheen, we just asked for a dark blue). The paint is now peeling and flaking off (pictures below). We want to repaint it - either the same blue...
  3. Painting
    I am looking for paint recommendation for cedar siding in rainy Seattle. Last paint job only lasted 2 years before paint started to peel off. Also I would appreciate any tips that would make paint last longer.
  4. Painting
    Hi everyone! I was painting my mailbox post outside and had a bucket of Valspar season flex exterior paint left. Without thinking, I brushed it to my interior window sill board. I had a new window sill installed which is wood. After I did the first layer, I realized that I should not use...
  5. Painting
    We have an old family cabin in need of a repaint. It was built in the late 20s and has been painted for several generations now, but was neglected in recent years so is past due on the repaint. The crew handling the deck rebuild and some other waterproofing work will be doing the painting, but...
  6. Painting
    We have concrete block w/stucco one story house in Florida Gulf coast. There are a few areas that are showing some cracking along the base--not enough to have it re-coated--it is more fading and dingy. We bought the house 5 yrs ago and don't know what paint was used by prior owners or last time...
  7. Painting
    Hi, I'm currently planning to paint the exterior of our house after 10 years. Our house is made of concrete and I cant really find a color that will make it wonderful. I've attached a sample of our house and the color i want. Any colors are appreciated. I'm just not good at it.
  8. Painting
    (I've asked this question before, so please bear with me :P The circumstances now are a little different than the last time I asked) Here's the deal: my old wood-siding 19th century house is peeling paint pretty much everywhere. We've decided we want to get as much of the old peeling stuff...
  9. Painting
    OK, so, here's the scenario: we've got a house built in the late 19th century. The current paint job is cracked and peeling all over the place. We're trying to repaint it, and our goal is a longer lasting paint job so we don't have to redo this nightmare anytime soon. I've invested in a...
  10. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can provide some direction in regards to removing paint from exposed concrete foundation. I moved into a raised bungalow and the previous owners decided to paint the exposed concrete foundation a "lovely" brown color with what looks to be exterior paint. Some of...
  11. Painting
    I have a small porch with a roof ~ was built years ago ~ the platform was stained back then. When you look up the wood for the roof was never painted ~ Today I went out, trying to get some things done, and started painting it with exterior Behr Paint ~ Bright white ~ as it is trimmed with white...
  12. General DIY Discussions
    Hello, everyone Actually i am little bit confuse that what type of color should i use for painting the exterior of my house so that i need not to repaint my house exterior for a long period:eek:
  13. Painting
    Hi Everyone, I have exterior white wood railings that I am repainting today. Just realized that on my old railings my cat often jumps on them and leaves muddy foot prints. Is there some type of coating i can put on top of the paint that might help prevent stains or at least help me clean them...
  14. Painting
    Which exterior paint is better? Kwal Ambassador or Sherwin Williams SuperPaint? Thanks!
  15. General DIY Discussions
    I just purchased a home in Northern California. The realtor selling the home made many holes in the stucco for realtor boxes and other hangings. Do I have to get a professional to repair them or can I do it myself? For example, is there such a thing as ready-made stucco that I can put on like...
  16. Painting
    I am looking to paint my old wood shingle house and I'm wondering if anyone has used Portola Paint to do this? I'm looking for durability and full spectrum paints that look beautiful. any help is greatly appreciated! CZ
  17. Painting
    I just painted my aluminum siding using barn and fence paint. it looks really good but i noticed when water gets on it water marks appear also tiny water bubbles form when wet and you can wipe the paint right off. the siding was clean before i painted it and was wondering if buying a better...
  18. Painting
    Anyone knows of the best exterior house paint? THanks
  19. Blog
    Painting your exterior and maintaining it is important, not only for curb appeal, but the paint on your exterior is the only thing protecting your most valuable investment from the elements. It will cost you more in the long run to repair damaged wood and if the exterior paint is in real bad...
1-19 of 31 Results