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  1. Drywall & Plaster
    Hi Everyone, We just purchased a 120 year old house full of plaster walls. We were removing the painted over wallpaper and discovered some brick and decided to expose it. What would be your recommendation to fill in the gaps between the existing plaster walls and the brick? Should I just go...
  2. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have started a rather large remodel on a re purposed brick church. the basement is deep under ground and only the top 2 ft of the 12 ft high walls are above ground. I have exposed the brick on the interior of the foundation walls, which was covered by an inch of plaster. I would love to clean...
  3. Building & Construction
    Hi everybody: Moving on the my kitchen in my never ending remodel of my 1915 two-family home in northern NJ, I have removed several layers of plaster and paneling and found and old chimney with some pretty cool looking old brick that I would like to expose. The chimney itself does...
1-3 of 3 Results