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expansion joints

  1. Setting a post in concrete against an existing slabs

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I am installing a heavy duty gate (2-sided with 10 foot wide panels that swing to create a 20 foot opening). This is my first post, so I can't post a link for the example picture, but it is at The steel posts on either side of the gate are...
  2. Lamanate vs Vinyl Planking

    I want to lay a wood laminate with a underlayment in my basement. My current substrate is concrete. I've discovered that in the the size of my space (40' by 70'), I'll need expansion joints. It is all one room and I don't want a ugly expansion joint and T cover in middle of my room to stub my...
  3. Concrete Path Against Foundation without Expansion Joint

    Building & Construction
    I recently purchase a newly built home in the Denver, CO area. I just had a contractor poor a 3 foot wide sidewalk from my front yard to my back yard. He poured it directly against the foundation without an expansion joint between it and the foundation. This path runs approximately 30 feet...