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  1. best way to run ethernet cable: through attic or along exterior wall?

    hello i want to run an ethernet cable from my router to my office computer for faster and more reliable signals vs wifi the router is on the first floor of a two story house. my office is on the second floor and offset horizontally about 10 feet. i could run the cable through the first floor...
  2. do phone/ethernet lines need to be in conduit in chicago

    I am a resident of Chicago, not a suburb, and I know in Chicago all electrical needs to be in conduit, but does this also apply to things like phone, internet, or cable runs which are low power?
  3. 2 modems 1 connection

    PC Repairs & Upgrades
    I am having an issue, right now I have 1 modem (issued from comcast), connected to a wireless router for 4 PCs (2 desk tops and 2 laptops both wireless) my 2 desk tops are wired, one upstairs one down. I also have my PS3 and micro cell tower plugged into the router. The computer upstairs is...