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  1. Electrical
    What is this piece of metal called? It's in the attic of my single-story home, and it's along the outside wall the length of my house. Does it go all the way to the ground? I want to run my ethernet cable down the wall from the attic, but I assume there is no way to run it down along the...
  2. Networking
    Once the destination room is reached, computer #1 is about 11 feet in one direction. While computer #2 is about 18 feet in the other direction. Like making a Y junction. I am thinking of bringing the cable by the ceiling. I suppose instead of bringing 2 cables from the modem about 15 feet away...
  3. Electrical
    hello i want to run an ethernet cable from my router to my office computer for faster and more reliable signals vs wifi the router is on the first floor of a two story house. my office is on the second floor and offset horizontally about 10 feet. i could run the cable through the first floor...
  4. Electrical
    I am a resident of Chicago, not a suburb, and I know in Chicago all electrical needs to be in conduit, but does this also apply to things like phone, internet, or cable runs which are low power?
  5. PC's, Phones, Tablets, and Gadgets
    I am having an issue, right now I have 1 modem (issued from comcast), connected to a wireless router for 4 PCs (2 desk tops and 2 laptops both wireless) my 2 desk tops are wired, one upstairs one down. I also have my PS3 and micro cell tower plugged into the router. The computer upstairs is...
1-5 of 5 Results