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  1. Generator Small Engine Won't

    I have a Troy Built 5500W generator with a 4500 series B&S engine. It's several years old, but since it's only used when power is out for extended periods, it has less than 100 hours of run time. (once power was out for 2-3 days due to ice storm) I got it out last summer during a power failure...
  2. Car might be overheating, please advise

    Automotive Repairs
    Hello, I am posting this question on behalf of my mother, regarding a 1994 Mazda Miata that she only drives once a week for short errands. The neighbor advised that she idle/run the engine for ten to fifteen minutes every few days to improve the health of the car. Lately she noticed the hood...
  3. Looking for a place to buy a fuel tank for a plate compactpr

    General DIY Discussions
    Greetings, diychatroom! :vs_worry: I was wondering if any of you knew where I could buy parts for a compactor I have. I've included pictures of the engine, the fuel tank which has the the tag "RT1600B" printed across it, and what I'm assuming to be the name of the company which is "HACER"...
  4. Troy Bilt TB130 won't get up to speed (sometimes)

    Tractors & Mowers
    I bought a mower last fall (Troy-Bilt TB130), and it ran fine the few times I used it then. When I broke it back out this spring, it was having problems starting up properly– the mower would start, but the engine seemed like it wouldn't completely catch (quieter and dies if I try to push it in...
  5. Oil Problem!

    Automotive Repairs
    Got a 2008 Ford Fiesta. I last used it a month ago (as I am on holiday and use the wife's car) I went to start it today but it wouldn't! There is petrol in the engine, but to my horror there is minimum oil in the car! There was def oil in the car a month ago... if it makes a difference, I am...
  6. Lawn Mower can't start

    Tractors & Mowers
    I have a Yard Machines (by MTD), not used for a while but now it can't start. I replace the spark plug, air filter and still not solve the problem. 5.5 HP, 21 inch cut MTD model: 11A-416Q729. It worked fine before and just long time not using. What's wrong with it? Anybody knows? Please help.
  7. Snow blower loses power to move forward/reverse

    Automotive Repairs
    Hi I have a MTD 8/26 snowblower with track, runs fine but after about half an hour it loses most of its power to move forward or reverse, everything else is fine, the engine continues to sound normal. I have changed the belts, changed the friction wheel, adjusted the tension on the friction...
  8. snow blower will not hold a start

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi Everyone. I have a yard machine snow blower and it starts fine. The problem is that it stalls out after about 10 seconds. If i keep pumping the primer it will keep going but i cant do the drive way while pressing the primer. I thought i may be the primer pump itself because it had a crack so...
  9. Honda 160cm3 self prop. lawn mower dies

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi all. My lawn mower dies after 20-30 sec. of oper. I changed the spark plug. took off the carb. Didnt really do that great of a job with the gasket material reinstalling though. Anyway. I got the spring and bars back on the choke, and throttle.. all looks well but when I use it over med thick...
  10. Where does the black wire go?????

    Automotive Repairs
    I'm trying to figure out why my riding mower won't start, it only makes a clicking sound. Had the battery charged, starter tested fine, 15 amp fuse appears fine. I don't know a lot about engines/mowers, but while taking apart (I did a diagram of wires, but somehow missed one) and putting back...