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  1. Help with new t-stat (B, E, R/H)

    Ok I have a HVAC unit and I am replacing the t-stat. Here are the current wire hookups and there discription on the old t-stat (Robertshaw 9420). C-Blue ~24v Com R-Red ~24v Transformer Y1-Yellow ~Compresser Relay (Stage 1) E-Black ~Emerg Heat W2-White ~Aux Heat Relay (Stage 2) G-Green...
  2. Disable Emergency Heat On Digital Thermostat

    What is the code, and proper setting, to disable the Emergency Heat on an American Standard ACONT800 Digital Thermostat? I found an install manual that has some basic codes but it does not provide the three digit EMHEAT code. I want to run my heat pump off of my generator -- no issue there...
  3. "Right Now" air sealing for 110yo stone/ledge basement

    Building & Construction
    Hello! Basement air sealing and insulation advice needed! I have a 1903 foursquare in central Brrrmont on a mortared stone full basement foundation with slightly younger addition over crawl with perhaps no real foundation (appears to have been built like a "pole barn" -- posts on flat stones on...
  4. Programmable thermostats, heat pumps and aux heat

    I'm thinking about getting a programmable thermostat for my electric heat pump system. My significant other can't stand the cold so she keeps the heat running a little higher than I'd like (no exceptions!) in the winter. I'd like to be able to let the temperature drop as much as 10-15 degrees...