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electrical problem

  1. Help! All our wires were cut at our new construction home!

    We are building a new home and many wires were hanging down in the basement in loops. Someone came and cut them all and put them in a big construction bag. Don't know if it was a scrapper or vandalism. :sad: they all had labels on them. Ie. Air handler, Master condenser, Island, many CAT6...
  2. melted electrical plug on dishwasher

    Needed help identifying the cause and solution to a problem that occurred with my dishwasher plug. I noticed that the dishwasher was not turning on. Upon inspection of the plug connection it looked like the plug from the dishwasher had melted in a way that now was preventing the pins from...
  3. Handy yet stumped - light fixture

    I returned from out-of-town and the 4-bulb light fixture in my bathroom wasn't working at all. I've checked and replaced the bulbs (all ok), and used a current detector to confirm (at least some) power to the switch, power to each individual bulb fixture, and that power to each fixture is...
  4. Dimming lights when neighbor's AC kicks on

    So, here is a brief history of the problem: February: lights flicker and pop while it is raining lightly. No problem for two weeks (had every intention of getting electrician out soon). Two weeks later light rain again lights flicker, pop and PoCo meter catches fire and burns up. Meter is...