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  1. Electrical
    I have an Eaton 200 amp main panel and I need to wire a Siemens 200 amp sub panel 150 feet away. I'm going to use 250,250,250, 3/0 wire in a 2" pvc schedule 40 conduit. My question is can I just use the lugs at the bottom of the Eaton, or do I need something, feeder lugs??
  2. Electrical
    I just bought this house a few months ago and see it does not have an earth ground. I have marked a place on this image and like to know if it is a good place to attach a ground wire. THanks Jeff
  3. Electrical
    Hi All, I'm planning a kitchen remodel in a small condo apartment space and running into a code issue. I was hoping some of you might share your expertise and let me know if I'm going to have to scrap or modify my plan. Or if I'm just plain nuts. One of the walls in my kitchen currently houses...
  4. Electrical
    Hello all - I am in the planning/daydreaming stages of my 40-acre retirement Nirvana. I plan on building, mostly with my own labor, over the years a 1) 1500 sf woodshop, 2) a 1600 sf studio/guest house and finally a 3) 2000 sf plus main house. I have the shop foundation/slab in place. Today I am...
1-4 of 4 Results