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electrical outlet box

  1. Moving a Breaker Panel?

    Hi All, I'm planning a kitchen remodel in a small condo apartment space and running into a code issue. I was hoping some of you might share your expertise and let me know if I'm going to have to scrap or modify my plan. Or if I'm just plain nuts. One of the walls in my kitchen currently houses...
  2. Half of my outlets and lights went out last night

    Hello, Sometime during last night the space heaters in our bedroom and our son's bedroom stopped working (as did the fan plugged into our space heater's outlet). The smaller space heater in our daughter's room (and the monitor plugged into it) continued to work through the night. Early this...
  3. outlet problem -- washing machine shuts off

    We have an old Kenmore washing machine that, when plugged into the outlet directly behind the washer, shuts off every time at the same point, mid-cycle (full of water). It doesn't trip the circuit breaker, but the outlet seems to go dead for a while. If you plug the washer into a different...
  4. outdoor wiring, electical outlets tripping

    in the backyard there are three outlets. the first one has always worked. the other two did not (when we bought the house) we took off the face plates and found out that there were two sets of wires not connected. we assumed these went to the other two outlets so we connected them. This tripped...
  5. outdoor outlet doesn't work; not fuse

    purchased foreclosed property with no information from previous owners. home inspection report states, "electrical outlets are not operational, (for increased safety GFCI required)" regarding the outdoor irrigation barbeque pit area. inspector verbally stated it wasn't a fuse box issue (tripped...
  6. preferred outlet box type & work order

    What is the current preferred choice of outlet box nowadays with electricians? when I first an earlier house 15 years ago it was the metal box with romex clips etc. Nowadays I see a lot of the blue plastic boxes with the self-clamping wire insert. I still like to attach my boxes to a stud vs...