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  1. Electrical
    I have to run approximately 8-10 home Romex (14/2 and 12/2) wires to Electric panel box. So, Can I run those wires to the panel box as per the picture, Is this sound ok ? Is there any limit, I can group maximum no. of wires together ? More Details : The wires have to run for 10 feet along the...
  2. Electrical
    I have two phase power wires connecting to breaker panel and it is 200Amp. I am measuring the voltage of both hot wires those going to the panel. Normally each one comes 123Volt and around. During this time, my all appliances works correctly and no fluctuate in lights. But sometimes one hot...
  3. Electrical
    Disclaimer: although I do a lot of DIY stuff, this is not a DIY question, but I would really appreciate some inputs/advice. I'm having a new house built. I told the builder a couple weeks ago that the ejector pit was placed in the wrong spot - directly underneath the main panel. I did a...
  4. Electrical
    Looking at my main panel, there's only 1 wire attached to the ground bar (it's going to the grounding rod); there are a number of bare wires attached to the neutral bar and I don't see any white wires for the 110V circuits. I expected to see all the bare wires (grounds?) attached to the ground...
  5. Electrical
    How much will it cost me to add 3 switches, to run 60 more amps to my circuit panel? How hard is it. Outside meter says 240, and someone online just helped me and told me i have a 100 amp box.
1-5 of 5 Results