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  1. Sewage ejector pump tripping circuit breaker and alarm going off

    We purchased this house last year and I am not familiar with an ejector pump. Just found out what it was after the alarm went off in the laundry room. Guys came and opened the tank outside. It's small and he says it may be a faulty pump and proceeds to drain. There is thick globs of white chunks...
  2. Ejector for apartment washer

    I am planning a bathroom remodel which will involve the installation of a stacking washer/dryer in the apartment where I am. I want to put the washer in a closet which is not close enough to the drain stack to let gravity do its job. Can I use an ejector pump to service just the washer without...
  3. Code violation on new build: electrical panel directly over ejector pit

    Disclaimer: although I do a lot of DIY stuff, this is not a DIY question, but I would really appreciate some inputs/advice. I'm having a new house built. I told the builder a couple weeks ago that the ejector pit was placed in the wrong spot - directly underneath the main panel. I did a...
  4. Ejector Pump help

    I have an ejector pump that won't shut off sometimes. So my questions is, the switch that turns the pump on/off, is it a part that can be replaced or is it attached to the pump? I notice two cords coming out of the pit which leads me to believe that its a separate part. Also, is it the same...
  5. Ejector Pump Cycling

    I had to replace an ejector pump in my basement that was connected to my washer (no bathroom on lower level). My old pump I think was the original from 1998 and had 2 switches (one went into the other plug) and when it would go off I would hear the hammering sound of the check valve once during...