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  1. Painting
    I am painting my living room. I bought a gallon of eggshell scuff proof Behr paint thinking it would be enough. I ran out and I bought the wrong flat, not eggshell this time. I cannot return it. I need to do a second layer in my hallway. How bad of a mistake is this?
  2. Painting
    I'm renovating a space into a cafe/tavern, and right now it has the usual ultra glossy paint on all the obnoxiously textured walls, which I HATE. Reminds me of the '80s. The decor I'm going with is all antique or antique looking, and I'd like to use a matte paint but I'm worried about the fact...
  3. Painting
    Hello everyone! I am turning a room in my house into a music studio, so I decided to paint the walls black. I went with a matte finish, and while it looks amazing, light scuff marks appear on the walls even if the wall is rubbed/touched lightly. I've always heard not to go with a glossy sheen...
1-3 of 3 Results