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  1. Durable, decorative paint on existing enameled steel?

    Hi all. I want to take some heavy enameled steel burner covers and apply a stenciled pattern on top. It needs to be somewhat scratch resistant and durable, as these will be used on the stove. Not on a heated burner, though a hot pot could sit on one from time to time. Any ideas? What will...
  2. Durable Fence materials

    General DIY Discussions
    First I wanna say hi everybody,(noob) I just bought my first home and will probably be an avid member. I am very crafty but never have had a home to make improvements to. Now onto my question. My summer project is to build a good neighbor fence that will last. I live in the Pacific N.W...
  3. Durable paints

    Hi. I'm in a transitional phase, from artistic to industrial paint. Naturally, I have little idea of their special characteristics, and after a research through the internet and general opinions, I still haven't found some more specific answers - so bear with me. I'm about to use paint to...
  4. Need a coating over white paint that won't amber/ yellow!

    I've searched and can't figure out what coating will work best! I recently painted an antique wooden high chair with flat latex paint. I want to put a few coats of *something* over it to make it easy to clean and give it some durability. I finally picked up some polycrylic, but it yellowed...