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  1. Venmar Air Exchanger Ducting Question

    I recently purchased a home that has a Venmar air exchanger installed (Venmar HRV Constructo 1.5 ES). I noticed it is ducted in reverse to what is suggested by the manufacturer. Where typically fresh outside air would flow from top left to bottom right and return from indoors top right and exit...
  2. Sealing short dryer duct run in wall cavity

    Hi guys, I have my laundry room wall open and am installing a recessed DryerBox for venting. Due to a crummy layout that I cannot change, I need to run the vent up through the wall about 5 feet using rigid galvanized duct before exiting the cavity at 45 degrees using a Dryer Ell fitting. The...
  3. Best way to fill in between drywall and duct

    Drywall & Plaster
    I am routing my hood exhaust up through my roof and have a quick question. My exhaust will go through the upper cabinet, straight up through an empty bulkhead, and through the roof (this is a rancher, so attic is above kitchen). I plan on putting a little piece of molding or quarter round...
  4. Gap between 6" dia wall thimble & 6" hvac ducting

    Hello, I bought a 6" dia aluminum wall thimble to vent my 6" dia hvac steel exhaust pipe through to the outside. However, the diameter of the 6" thimble is actually 6 3/4". How do I effectively insulate the gap? Thanks
  5. Humidifier making my furnace struggle to achieve 68deg

    I installed a honeywell he220a humidifier today here in 45deg SF. This cheap o humidifier was first choice cos this is a rental house and Im tired of waking up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. Anyway used insulated 7' ducting...
  6. Ducting problem for an HRV

    Ok guys, Here's the problem. I am retrofitting an old house with an HRV and cannot decide the best way to run the stale-air-ehaust. Here's what I'm planning to do: HRV located in basement of bungalow, run one 12"x3" wall stack up to the attic, and then, using a 12x3 to 6"round stack boot...