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  1. HVAC
    Hi all, I am currently finishing my own basement (I am not a contractor or anything, just a DIYer). The ceiling of my basement is still exposed. I can see the metal pipes that carry air from the utility room to the first floor (See photo) . Now I need to make ductwork in my basement. My question...
  2. HVAC
    Hi, I am building a small cottage and hired a contrctor to do the duct work and install a dual stage furnace and an HRV. He has left the job unfinished with the furnace installed, the heat ducts almost complete, about 90%, but no air return or HRV. I can't get anyone to come and complete the...
  3. Painting
    Does anyone have any experience painting or covering flex duct work? We would like to avoid replacing the duct work to galvanized but would like the existing duct work to be black in order to blend with the exposed ceiling. There will be an overhang over a bar that will allow the duct work to...
  4. HVAC
    Hi, We have a Frigidaire G6RC120C-20 furnace. It has an electric air cleaner that is separate from the furnace (looks archaic!) After cleaning it once, we realized how unrealistic it is to keep it. (It doesn't fit in our tub, and I'm not spending time outside in the winder scrubbing it!)...
  5. Electrical
    Hello I have a question and have had no luck in finding an answer in Google, so I thought I'd try registering and asking here. I am working on our unfinished basement and have got to the point where I'm about to put in the recessed lighting we have chosen...
  6. HVAC
    I bought my house 2 years ago in the summer, it is a 50 year old home with what the inspectors believe to be a 30+ year old HVAC system. I have a gas furnace in the basement and the outside unit. It is currently still working... but not sure how much life is left. I have been given a Trane...
  7. Building & Construction
    Hi, I need to cut a 6*4 hole in one of my 2*10 metal joists, to be able to run a vent duct from my bathroom light/fan to the main duct. Do I need to reinforce the joist? if yes - how? Can I do it at all? Thank you very much, I appreciate your help Bormanko
  8. Building & Construction
    Our basement family room has several vents, which were at one time connected to the furnace. The entry from the furnace duct has since been sealed, but the duct runs remained, and the vents were stuffed with fiberglass insulation and forgotten. Then we came along. I opened one of the vents...
  9. HVAC
    There was hot air coming from one of my vents so I went up to the attic and could feel cool air coming from the area it was in. I am assuming the ductwork has been disconnected somehow. The only problem: it is in an area I cannot get to. How would I go about fixing this?
  10. HVAC
    Hello I bought this fixer last October. Recently I have noticed a slow leak in one duct. I cannot tell if the leak stops if I turn the unit on, but I can tell that the leak is inside the duct and not outside the duct. Any ideas?:eek:
  11. HVAC
    :jester:Hello, I am the Momma of the house. While Dad is at work, I am the house manager, and stay at home mom to two. I end up making a lot of decisions on repairs because I am at home to call, and do the phone work, estimates, and appointments. Our heat just went out, yep during this artic...
1-11 of 12 Results