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  1. Ducane MPGA075B3 - not starting

    Ducane MPGA075B3 - not starting. I turned the A/C on early this morning, and went back to sleep. When I woke several hours later, the A/C was not running... I lowered the temperature, and the thermostat turned on. The inside unit, nothing turned on, outside unit did not turn on. Turned...
  2. Transformer Shorts EVERY Year

    Hello, I have a Ducane package unit Model No. SG10B42100. Since we have owned our house in 2009, we have had to get the circuit board replaced due to condensation buildup and eventually shorting out the transformer which controls the ignitor each year. While the work of the HVAC company has...
  3. little birdie killed my furnace

    We have a Ducane forced hot air furnace and a little bird got into it and was eaten. We had to clean all the little birdie bits out of the furnace. We did our best to get all the pieces of bird. Now the furnace goes on but shuts down after 3 minutes and the light blinks constantly. Anybody got...
  4. Ducane furnace does not light.

    Ducane Furnace Model FP$B100A4B - It is a gas furnace, Horizontal. The furnace keeps going into gas valve lock out after attempting to light for three times. Each time I can smell gas so I know that it is getting gas. I removed the gas burners and check the electronic ignitor. I can see the...