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  1. Drywall & Plaster
    We recently built a house and noticed some drywall tape where you can see the seem on one end and it's starting to pull away from the drywall near the floor. Would you recommend replacing the entire piece of tape? It's on a wide inside corner (much more than 90 degrees). Near the top half of...
  2. Remodeling
    Hello and thanks for reading; Can an outside corner where hardibacker meets drywall be finished with tape and mud (no cornerbead) even if there is 1/4"furring strip behind the hardibacker? Essentially, the drywall is cut to the framing so now the hardibacker and wood furring strip will cover...
  3. Building & Construction
    I have a couple corners where the tape seems to have lifted slightly away from the wall. You can see a crack going up much of the corner, which apparently is the tape cracking the paint and pulling away from the wall. Can I just sand and mud over this, or do I need to rip the tape off the whole...
1-3 of 3 Results