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drywall patch

  1. Homax Orange Peel Spray Texture in a Can

    Drywall & Plaster
    In this short video clip I’m demonstrating how to spray a can of Homax oil base orange peel texture on an actual drywall patch where I installed about 32 sqft of new drywall. I think the spray can texture is Great for DIY texture matching!! I’m spraying the orange peel texture on new drywall...
  2. How to Patch a Drywall Hole

    How To Guides
    In this diy drywall video tutorial I'll be showing you how to patch drywall hole on a drywall ceiling. First I'll be installing the drywall after I square up the speaker hole on the ceiling repair.This technique will also work if you another drywall problem such as water damage or just some type...
  3. Drywall patch under trim

    Drywall & Plaster
    I am placing corner trim over drywall, but the trim does not fully cover the gap due to the drywall being cut too short at the bottom (i.e., the trim does cover it higher, not in the pic). Pics show the gap with and without the trim. I am curious the best patch material to use - I'd like to use...
  4. Unique drywall patch - HELP

    Drywall & Plaster
    Long story short.. i purchased my home that had some foundation issues. A wall had to be braced/anchored which included part of my finished area in the basement. So, the drywall had to be cut in order for these to braces to go in. It left two 11 '' wide & approx 2' tall holes in my drywall...