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  1. Interior Re-paint in Humid Environment

    Hello all I am new here and hoping to benefit from your DIY guidance if you'll be so kind. First, I am not a painter. I purchased a foreclosed home that has a broken A/C unit - It needs a new condenser and coil. I am working with my contractor to help us in remodeling the home to make it fit to...
  2. Accidentally used mesh tape and drying compound

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hi, I've been tape and joining drywall in my renovation project and normally use mesh tape embedded in setting compound for regular straight joins, and paper tape for butt joins and corners. But I grabbed the wrong bag of compound and did a room and a half in drying compound - including a really...
  3. Concrete discoloration after drying

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi! After going through the new construction process for over a year, I know when things don't look right. :vs_worry: I recently moved into my new home and we are currently having our driveway poured. Last week when our pads were poured, they dried two different colors. In the picture, the...
  4. Mud drying times?

    Drywall & Plaster
    So normal mud is supposed to dry for 24 hours, but I would assume the second and third coats dry faster. Will I be able to cut down the dry times from coats 1-3 to speed up the process?
  5. Will this primer ever dry?

    I stripped my 50 year old cement floor of tile and adhesive. Then I etched it, rinsed it, neutralized and vacuumed it dry as prep for painting. I only let the floor dry for two days with three fans going. Now the Benjamin Moore primer has been down for 4 days and it still is tacky in places and...