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dryer exhaust

  1. Better Dryer Duct Routing

    I have a gas dryer that vents through a duct with the effective length of 47 foot. (90 degree then 8ft vertical right from the dryer; 90 degree then 21ft across the basement ceiling; 90 degree horizontal then 2ft along the wall; another 90 degree and 1ft to the outside) At the two 90 degree...
  2. Kenmore 800 electric dryer

    Wife said she smelled a burning smell from dryer, it's a Kenmore 800 electric dryer. We bought the house a year ago so not sure of its age. I decided to disassemble it witch was a lot simpler then I thought even took the drum out vaccumed out everything, motor, floor pan area, blower motor and...
  3. Help: need to run dryer exhaust

    We have gutted our house, except for some studs, windows, doors, exterior brick and roof. It is a slab house that has previously been added on to, built 1954. The sun room addition left the laundry room with no exterior walls. They didn't have a dryer, so we aren't sure what is the best way to...
  4. shower fan exhaust / dryer exhaust location

    I recently jackhammered the basement floor of my 1966 split level to install a shower pan in my laundry room. Since it's in the basement and showers are steamy I installed a GFCI protected light and fan above the shower. There is only one clear out for the exhaust vent of the fan. I try not to...
  5. Dryer exhaust damaging laminate floor?

    Hi, Has anyone ever heard of a laminate floor getting water damage from dryer exhaust? I have Pergo brand flooring in my kitchen that was installed about 4 years ago. Over the last 18 months or so I have been having gradually worsening water damage showing up as swollen spots, to the point...