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drainage retaining wall

  1. Short retaining wall questions

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I am intending to build a short retaining wall, only 12" high, the height of one large cinder block. It will be close to the foundation with 12" of space between the back of the cinder block and the foundation wall. My questions are this: 1) Do I need to account for drainage with a pipe...
  2. Driveway Pool

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    So, we just bought our first house and did so in the dry season. Now that we are having an incredibly wet winter there is a huge problem. We have whatg I can only describe as a swale that includes the driveway. So anytime we have a good rain the yard floods and covers a good portion of the...
  3. Retaining wall drainage?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I am attempting to build a retaining wall to help level part of my yard. The retaining wall itself will be only about 16" high. I am building with 6x6 p.t. The wall itself will be about 72 feet long. Do I need to have tilling behind it or is the crushed rock going to be sufficient? Thanks in...
  4. Waterproofing the exterior of home

    Building & Construction
    Hi all, I am a new homeowner in Central Jersey and have many unexpected DIY projects :(. Seems like the previous homeowner was a big DIYer and most of what he has done is not safe. (Holmes on Homes can come to my house! Please :-) Back to the major problem at hand. I have a split level home...
  5. Do I need drainage behind my retaining wall

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I'm building a stacked block retaining wall. Wall will be about 14" high (3 4" courses plus 2" wall cap) above grade, with base course below grade, and about 60ft wide across the back of my yard. Wall isn't retaining a hill, just a raised level planter area with fence on top between us and the...