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drain line

  1. clogged AC condensate line?

    Hello, I've been working in the crawlspace lately and have noticed that when the AC turns on, water begins leaking from below the furnace. I'm not experienced with HVAC systems but from what I understand this is probably a clogged AC condensate line. The problem I'm running into is when I...
  2. Move vanity drain to another wall in bathroom

    Please refer to the picture but I want to move my drain to the other wall. Can I continue on the existing drain through the stud and turning the corner etc. with the correct fall which I think is about 1/4" per foot? This option would appear easy but I'm concerned about the 90 degree elbow and...
  3. Plumbing line blockage - snake video

    I had a blockage in my plumbing line leaving a bathroom in my house. We had problems with the drainage from both the bathtub and toilet so we had the line snaked and then had a camera through the line. Two problems were identified: there is a belly in the line and there is a blockage (around...
  4. Shower pan installation on a slab?

    I am remodeling the shower in the downstairs bath. Demo has been completed, shower pan has been ordered, and has arrived. The drain in in the wrong place but I have a roto-hammer to move it to the new pan's location. Once I have the drain line extended to the correct place, I'll be ready to...
  5. Repair 2 small holes in waste drain

    I need help regarding how to fix the two holes that I made when I accidentally tried to hang a cabinet from a vertical waste drain pipe (3" black PVC). There is not enough room to cut the section out and add a new piece because the coupler would be too wide and bow out the drywall. Any...
  6. drain pipe location

    Is there any reason NOT to put the drain pipe from my kitchen sink right against the basement wall?? I can't imagine the water from the sink ever getting cold enough to freeze in the short time it would take to hit the sewer line.
  7. Drain Pipe Leak

    The ABS drain pipe that leads from the kitchen sink through to the basement has 2 vertical cracks in them which I'm guessing has been caused by the drastic change in temperature and lack of proper insulation from the previous owner. I've temorarily put water proof tape that runs vertically on...
  8. Replacing corroded metail drain pipe

    I have a drain pipe from my upstairs kitchen and washing machine that is corroded. It runs above a downstairs hallway and closet. I have cut away ceiling wallboard and located a hole as well as other spots of corrosion. The region is between two fittings where other drain pipes seem to join in...
  9. Can I use unions in a drain line?

    I'm in Ontario, Canada ... I'm working with a drain from a laundry tub. Are there any rules in the plumbing code that say I cannot use a union: a. Between the fixture and its trap? b. In the trap arm? Thanks .. Guy
  10. Installing a Dishwasher in a raised house from scratch

    My house did not have a dishwasher and I need more cabinet space so I added cabinets and a dishwasher on an empty wall. The wall is across the room from the sink and had nothing to install a dishwasher. I have a raised house and have easy acces to below the floor. My dishwasher is on a wall...