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double switch

  1. Ceiling fan/light combo wiring to new wall control

    I have an existing ceiling fan with two wall switches one to control the light and one to control the fan. I am replacing that fan with a Minka Aire wall control where the one switch controls both. I am having the hardest time figuring out the correct configuration as I think I have tried...
  2. Putting lights in a work bench

    Hi! I'm trying to install 2 recessed LED lights in a work bench that doesn't have any lights in it. I have a double rocker switch that I want to use with them. My lights have 2 wires coming off of each light. I have a power cable with 2 insulated wires and a ground in it that I was going to...
  3. Wink Relay setup/wiring

    I just got a Wink Relay and I have never dealt with electrical so I don't know much. Instructions says Wink Relay works with single and double switch, however I have 3 light switches by my front door where I am trying to install. I am presuming this is called a "triple switch". I have also heard...
  4. Adding a Second Light to a Double Switch

    I currently have a double switch where the top switch control one light and I want to add a second light to the bottom switch. There are only two wires coming into the box with the switch and it is a hot and neutral wire. There is also a hot and neutral wire at the light that goes into the...
  5. Wiring Questions

    Alright... I have a 2-gang electrical box, one switch controls the ceiling fan and the other switch controls two outlets (so four plugs). I've been remodeling my house and just installed some rope light in some crown molding. I connected the two rope light together and ran the romex wire down to...
  6. What does "20 amp feed through", on a 15 amp switch, mean?

    Hi, I just installed a Panasonic FV-11VHL2 bathroom fan. The installation guide stated it must be installed on a 20 amp branch circut. The bathroom only had a 15 amp branch, so I ran a new dedicated line to feed it, even put it on a GFCI, just because I love my family. Trouble is, I'm having...
  7. Trouble with a double switch

    Hello everyone.... i'm helping a friend wire an old kitchen. The trouble I'm having is with a double switch. There are two sources of power coming into the box, with one switch turning on the garbage disposal. The old switch (which was taken out by her) has four screws on one side, and three...