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  1. Insulation over exposed soffit

    I had a contractor build a shed dormer on the back of our house this summer. The plumber then came in and ran some PEX for the dormer. I started prepping to install a floating laminate floor and noticed a draft near where the PEX comes up through the floor. I took the plywood hatch out and...
  2. Roof over bay window

    Hi, I own an older house, built in 1949. Its getting to look a little rough on the exterior and I suspect I am getting some water infiltration, so this summer I am working on addressing many of these problems. I ordered a new window for my dormer and I plan to replace the ugly siding, paint the...
  3. Rerouting vanity drain line - Options?

    We are going to redo a bathroom which occupies a dormer on our cape cod style house. The current vanity is in an alcove and is a built in. We are going to be replacing it with a furniture style vanity so it won't but up against the walls on the sides. The wall the vanity butts up to is an...
  4. Shed dormers & existing roof pitch

    Building & Construction
    I have a Cape Code style house with a 7/12 roof pitch, so some of the ceiling in the 2nd floor bedrooms slope with the roof's pitch. I'm planning to put in a shed dormer on the back to accommodate a new bath upstairs. Does the pitch of the roof matter when planning for shed dormers? Is 7/12 too...
  5. Mixture of Siding Material (Vinyl and Wood)

    Building & Construction
    Hey Everyone, I am working on an old house. It is 2.5 stories with 3 dormers. The dormers are difficult to reach as the roof is steep and short - I am guessing I will need a lift to work on them from the outside. My question is in regards to the siding. Right now the house is sided with cedar...
  6. Asphalt shingles on vertical wall dormer

    We are just completing a small addition with a gambrel roof. One side of the addition has two dormer windows and one "wall dormer" which has no slope (vertical, less than 3 feet wide, located where gambrel roof joins existing house). The wall dormer is currently covered with facia board and...