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  1. Sticky Paint. Years later. Help with Maintenance.

    I work at a medical facility and we had a remodel done 2 years ago. All of the doors they put up or painted are now sticky and horrible looking. They get cleaned the best they can and within two weeks they look beat up and dirty again. It's hard to believe this is because of blocking, but my...
  2. Thoughts on door/window of converted patio?

    Hi all! My husband and I purchased our first home in September and we've been busy dealing with the expected and unexpected ever since. Homeownership is quite the ride! While we're working on more immediate projects, I was hoping to get some input regarding a project we'd like to think about a...
  3. How do I fix this sliding door?

    General DIY Discussions
    (PHOTOS ATTACHED) -- Hi everyone... I had a repair man working in my utility closet and he removed the sliding wood door from its track to gain full access. In the process, I guess he either broke or lost the piece that this dowel goes into in the top track to slide back and forth. The other...
  4. Installing storm door over Hardie board trim

    Windows and Doors
    Hello, I need to install a storm door on my house and am wondering what the best approach is to install it over Hardie board trim. I'm thinking that I should drill through the Hardie board and use extra long screws to ensure they go through the Hardie board and into the wood behind it. I know...
  5. Asbestos Core Door?

    Windows and Doors
    Hello Everyone, Has anyone ever heard of a door being filled with a "white" substance? very flaky and a few fibers in it. Looked it up and doesn't appear as if Asbestos usually shows up in doors. Any info anyone had would be great. Thanks.
  6. Weather stripping too tight

    Windows and Doors
    Hi, One of my exterior doors had some weather stripping installed subsequent to it being painted and re-fitted. Since that stripping went in, the door feels far too tight when opening and requires a good amount of force with my shoulder to get it closed sometimes. Here are a couple pics -...
  7. Need Help in UK?

    Interior Decorating
    Hi i need help i just bought my first houise. Really excited about it. But it need to change the windows and doors anyone tell where should i but the best and cheap UPvc windows and doors. I am out of budget these days after buy a new house.
  8. What type of material for Shaker style cabinet doors only

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Looking to construct new doors for my current cabinets, not sure what original material is, but looks like there is some type of veneer on top. Eventually everything will be painted espresso. So no need to worry about grain/etc. Looking to do this on a budget so won't be able to afford really...
  9. Question about unsupported door headers in interior walls

    Windows and Doors
    Hi all, several questions about doors. After removing a stamp metal door frame, I see that the door's rough out has a 2X3 header that is not supported by jack studs. It's held in place by two nails on both joints. The rough out opening is approximately 27" (space between king stud to king stud)...
  10. Question_flood insurance & interior mdf doors

    Windows and Doors
    I had another flood question in drywall forum . This is specifically about 6 panel, interior MDF doors & what FEMA flood insurance, (not FEMA assistance) allows. Actually about 8" water in son's home. I know the unsealed bottom edges of MDF doors & casing / trim wicked up some H2O. Can't tell...
  11. Moulding in Attic Help- not sure what to do.

    Interior Decorating
    Hi we have an 8'4" ceiling and 7'6" doors in our attic that we want to finish. There's only 10" between the door top and the ceiling. The rest of the Victorian house has 11' ceilings and 8' doors with 5.5" moulding around the door and almost 10" of moulding above the doors and between 8"-11"...
  12. Interior doors

    Interior Decorating
    Has anyone replaced interior doors? I'm considering doors that are digital measured, precut and painted, installed in a day by One Day Doors.
  13. Aren't interior doors always done in gloss or semi-gloss

    Hi, We just had a lot of interior painting done and the painters painted our interior door using a flat paint. We've remolded homes for years and assumed they would use the semi-gloss paint we bought rather than the flat paint (of the same color). Before I question this I wanted to ask someone...
  14. Thermatru Doors

    Windows and Doors
    Let the buyer beware. Thermatru makes fiberglass doors and uses a mold that stamps the wood grain into the door. From a very reputable lumber yard I purchased a door. They did not have the door on site, so we had to look at online pictures and a catalog. when the door arrived, the wood grain for...
  15. Interior door replacement

    We are replacing our interior doors. Going to white 6-panel. Is the coating on a prefinished door going to be more durable than if we bought primed doors and painted them ourselves?
  16. Installing Folding Closet Doors on Floating Laminate

    I took the carpet out of the bedrooms, and laid a floating laminate wood floor. How do I reinstall the folding closet doors? Specically how do I attach the track to the floor? I think if the screws secure the laminate to the subfloor it could lead to gapping as the boards expand and contract.
  17. Any Feedback about Value Windows and Doors

    Windows and Doors
    Hey Everybody, I have recently got my house re-constructed and looking forward to get vinyl windows replaced so that they match the design of my house. I have lately heard lots of great feedback about value windows and doors. I was wondering would the artistic vinyl windows and doors that they...
  18. Look what I found -- crazy framing!

    Building & Construction
    First time caller, long-time listener. Some context: I purchased my first house a few months back. The house itself is in good shape, but there is an un-permitted garage conversion plus laundry room. I figure that eventually when I have money again I'll change the garage back to a garage and...
  19. Creative Door "Covering"

    Interior Decorating
    I want to change our interior doors without purchasing new doors, hardware etc. My wife proposed that we purchase a textured covering made out of plastic, fasten to the door and then paint all the same color. I am fascinated by the idea but not sure that it won't end up looking like a door...
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