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  1. General DIY Discussions
    Hi All- new member here. I’ve been enjoying slowly renovating a bathroom until I ran into a problem with the doorknob. The base plates popped off easily but I can’t get the knobs off. I located the small hole that you’re supposed to insert something into that should release some sort of button...
  2. General DIY Discussions
    I have been trying to replace an interior doorknob that has a decorative covering plate, but I can't get the plate off. There is a little hole on both sides of the knob but neither of them seem to be able to be pushed in to release the knob. I can see screws under the plate too. help :vs_cry:
  3. Windows and Doors
    Hello, We bought a house that was built in the 1960's and changed out the doorknobs. The holes in the door are much bigger than what today's hardware requires. Unfortunately I have not been able to find new doorknobs that fully cover up the holes on the inside of the door. My wife is...
  4. Windows and Doors
    I rent office space that is accessed through a door that tends to lock. I would like to modify the doorknob if possible, so that customers are not accidentally locked out. The landlord is opposed to let me replace the doorknobs, and gave me a quotation of $285 with the locksmith it uses. (they...
  5. Windows and Doors
    Hello! We've been trying to figure out how to remove this old doorknob with no luck. Does anyone know how? Thank you for any advice!
  6. Building & Construction
    I just got a new Schlage (oil rubbed bronze) closet doorknob to replace an old brass one (circa 1985). There is no model number on the package, but the alleged instruction sheet says its for F-Series. The instructions are horrible. some tiny pictures and a few words in multiple...
  7. Carpentry
    Hi, I just moved into a nice little brick house built sometime in the 1950s. The original doorknobs are in place and all work as they should with the exception of my bedroom door. Here's how they are set up: brass door knob => threaded to brass plate (screw drives into "neck" of knob to lock...
  8. General DIY Discussions
    The lockset on our front door has separate knob and deadbolt. The knob is egg-shaped solid brass. It slips onto the spindle and is secured on the inside with a small (Allen wrench) set screw (the knob does not thread-on). With use, the knob tends to loosen and slide off the spindle. No amount...
1-8 of 8 Results