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  1. Carpentry
    Hello, My wife and I are in the process of remodeling our master bedroom, we have completely gutted the room, from refinishing the floors to putting custom built-ins in each side of the closets. So we have everything done, the last thing to do is build some doors for the middle portion of the...
  2. Remodeling
    I stumbled upon this site and there is actually some good information in various fields hope you find it useful This website has a bunch of useful information But to my surprise, it also has a ask the contractor page. thanks and bye :thumbup:sweetsarah
  3. Carpentry
    I have purchased a used bevelled glass interior door with 3" hinges centered at 8.5" from top and bottom which fits perfectly into an interior 30x 80 door frame where I had a slab door prior. The slab had 3 1/2" hinges, unevenly fastened. Old frame 3.5" hinges cenetered at 8 7/8 from top and...
1-3 of 3 Results