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door framing

  1. New door construction; Is this OK?

    Windows and Doors
    Hello. I'm looking for professional, or informed, opinions on this new door in a new installation. They resume work Monday, and I don't know what's usually behind the drywall, and whether I should comment before they continue. There's first a more distant photo of the right side, then close ups...
  2. framing opening for french doors interior wall

    Building & Construction
    I'm installing 48x80 french doors on an interior wall (I don't think it is load bearing). Unfortunately, the studs don't work out as I would like them to so I'm going to have to install a new king and jack stud on each side and cut the 3 studs in the opening. Couple of questions: 1) is there any...
  3. ThermaTru Door Warped and Supposed Warranty

    I have a Therma-Tru front door that is wood. I bought the unit about 8 years ago with two side transoms and a top transom. To make a long story short the door has a huge gap at the top and curves in towards the inside of the house. Therma-Tru claims to have a lifetime warranty. Therma-Tru...
  4. Framing a basement, looking for door framing help

    Building & Construction
    I'm in the process of framing off a section of my basement. The stairs land right at an adjacent basement wall corner. This leaves wide space to the left and an opening to the space at the right. The distance to the wall corner from the steps It's a deep pour basement, however the waste pipe...
  5. Can I widen the door jam?

    Hello! My husband and I recently bought a house and one of our first major projects is to remodel the "master" bath. It is a very small space and one of my biggest complaints about it is the small entry door. It is only 24" wide and feels very claustrophobic to me. All the other doors in the...
  6. Porch Remodel

    Building & Construction
    Hi All, I am looking to remodel an old 3 seasons porch into a usable area with new windows,fron door and flooring. The porch sits lower than my home,there is one door from my living room onto the porch. On the porch there was old outdated and peeling panel board which I have begun to remove...