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door bell
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  1. Electrical
    I found a vintage alarm bell that was probably used in a school or fire house. It's nameplate is clearly marked with "6 V", "DC Only". I have powered it with a 6v AC/DC adapter and it works well. I am trying to figure out the proper way to permanently connect this alarm bell as my doorbell...
  2. Electrical
    So I have an old house that I am (very) slowly renovating. A week ago I finally finished installing a wired doorbell and when I pressed the button... nothing happened. This evening I was fiddling around and haven't had any luck. I was concerned that the chime itself might not be working...
  3. Electrical
    Our doorbell has been not working for sometime now. I am finally getting around to looking at it. I really don't know where to start with this system. It is an older model, but through fidgeting with it would sometimes work for a month or so then not work, I would open it up again and it work...
1-3 of 3 Results