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  1. Project Showcase
    How to make cement table lamp making at home easy! Material: Sand and cement Plastic cover Styrofoam Led Blue 12 Vdc Power DC 12Vdc
  2. Plumbing
    The lip on this stubout out is chipped in a few places and no longer water tight. It appears this chrome pipe is soldered in; does that look correct? I could put a pipe wrench on the stubout but I'm afraid I'll cause catastrophic damage to it. House was built in 1962 and the remainder of the...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    Have anyone tried using ketchup or tomatoes to clean rust off stainless steels? Saw a hack online and was curious if anyone has tried it before?
  4. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hello I'm looking for some advice regarding laying a patio. This is at the end of may garden with a lawn that slopes at around 7% or 1:14. The width of the patio will be around 3.5m and the fall is 25cm. I am aiming for an eventual slope of either 1:60 or 1:80. At the back of the garden...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Louisiana girl here bc I love diy'n.. Redoing my home looking for ideas and will share a few with you all no strings attached.. Enjoy!
  6. General DIY Discussions
    Hi there! I'm planning to replace the vinyl flooring in my downstairs. It's currently carpeted but I want a hard floor. I'm leaning towards vinyl. I want to ask anyone who has had the vinyl for an extended period of time and how have your vinyl has held up. is it looking good? Is it easy to...
  7. Building & Construction
    So quick and to the point. I have ductwork I need to frame around and I have limited room to drop the ceiling any more than I have, with no space for extra support. Pictures included. The ceiling leaves me no real room to create any support for drywall in the middle. Currently the span of the...
  8. General DIY Discussions
    I’m trying to figure out the best way to build a cable system to support my outdoor lights. My backyard has a fence constructed with 4x4 posts anchored 3 feet deep with concrete and my original idea was to lag bolt 15 ft 4x4 posts to each of the current 4x4 fence posts in the corners. Creating a...
  9. General DIY Discussions
    I’m a diyer looking for some diy help from a diyer for a diy home build from a diy chat room. Is that diy enough?
  10. General DIY Discussions
    We needed to renovate our bathroom which had recently been knocked through (toilet/original small bathroom), and decided to go solo on it, to gain experience more than save money, anyway here are some pics, in the end were very pleased with the result. I’m in IT as a job, this took me 3 months...
  11. General DIY Discussions
    In this short article, I have collected the main DIY projects over 3 years. What projects have you done? How do you plan your projects?
  12. General DIY Discussions
    We’re starting to renovate a casita that’s part of our property. The previous owners had already done some repairs themselves. They placed drywall over stucco and there’s a wall that’s unfinished but I noticed that there’s no insulation in between the stucco and wall. I just wanted to know if it...
  13. Project Showcase
  14. HVAC
    This year my kid got diagnosed with Asthma and we’ve been doing a few things around the house to make it a bit more friendly (1” to 4” media filters, reverse osmosis system with UV light) now it’s time to install the humidifier for seasonal changes. I finished my basement with plumbing and...
  15. HVAC
    Hello all, I had an maintenance call on my furnace recently and the tech mentioned the humidifier was installed incorrectly. I have 2 return ducts returning into the the furnace and one duct supplying air to the house. The humidifier (currently) is mounted to one of the returns and the 4 inch...
  16. Electrical
    I recently constructed a shed 100ft away from my house. In the shed, I wired three outlets. Instead of burying a cable and hardwiring the shed to the panel or a subpanel, I put a plug on the inlet to the shed wiring and then plugged that into an extension cord. That cord is plugged into a GFCI...
  17. Windows and Doors
    Hi. I need help with two things regarding my windows. 1. I ordered 4 PVC windows and I can't figure out if I need those metal brackets to install them. There are no pilot holes or anything. I'm a novice carpenter, I know how to install windows, but I'm not familiar with this situation. 2. The...
  18. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi. I am thinking of making a concrete patio for my new cottage, but I'm wondering if the extreme winters of Quebec will damage it in the future. Will controlled joints be enough to prevent cracking?
1-20 of 200 Results