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diverter bathtub faucet

  1. Tub Diverter Leak by metal screw

    Hello. I could really use some help. I have a new tub diverter spout that I am trying to put on. The pipe is copper, not threaded. The new spout is threaded on the inside. The original tub spout was attached via a threaded plastic adapter that goes over the copper pipe. So, I am reusing...
  2. How to install NewShower Diverte For Clawfoot Tub

    I have an clawfoot tub faucet set which works great, except the shower diverter needs replacement now. The washer is shot I think. A lot of water is going into the tub instead of through the shower. The hardware store guy said to screw off the top of the diveter to remove and then install...
  3. How hard is it to change the tub diverter location?

    Evening. I have an older style bath/shower control with the diverter located below, but not contained within, the control knob (it is a push/pull pin). I want to update to a diverter that's located on the tip of the spout (so I can update/replace the entire hardware set). I'm having a...
  4. removing bathtub faucet diverter

    I have a belanger 3 knob bathtub faucet. There's a hot and cold knob and the third knob is the diverter for the shower. I want to remove the diverter to either replace entirely or just replace the rubber washer. I'm having the hardest time removing it. This is what the diverter looks like...