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disconnect box

  1. 115V Mini Split Disconnect Wiring

    I am installing a 115V mini split unit, all new wiring and a disconnect box. The only disconnect I could find for this unit is a 30 amp fusible AC disconnect and I got 25 amp fuses, since the unit is 20 amps. On the disconnect box, it says 30A 240V disconnect. So, if I use 1 line and 1 load...
  2. AC disconnect installation requirements

    Hi, Trying to find out about specific requirements for the installation of the electrical disconnect box for a mini split AC unit? Are there requirements as to location to the side or behind the unit? Are there requirements as to distance off the ground, etc. I live in Monmouth County, NJ, not...
  3. FPE service disconnect-service two new 200 AMP Subs

    So my question is straight forward yet a bit complex. I am in the process of buying a home that has a 400 AMP service (maybe). The initial item that caught my eye was the FPE disconnect. As I had been told the panels on the home had just been changed out. I have added a picture here to...
  4. How to wire a 39amp Fusible A/C Disconnect

    Hi folks. I am installing a 30amp Eaton DPF221RP fusible pullout a/c disconnect, but Im using it as an appliance disconnect instead. It did not come with any instructions about how to wire it. I have quite a bit of experience with wiring, so I'm feeling pretty stupid right now. Here's what I...
  5. Help Needed: Upgrading Water Heater to Tankless, Main Breaker Trips!

    My (4,500 watt) water heater burst. So instead of simply replacing it like-for-like, I decided to upgrade to an electrical tankless (11,800 watt) water heater. It's much smaller and should give me great savings. Best yet, I won't run out of hot water if I'm not the first in the shower! So...
  6. Swimming Pool subpanel

    Hi, Purchased a house with in ground pool. Pump and filter located in a small pool house. 200 amp main in the garage with a 30 amp dual breaker feeding a 30 amp subpanel in the garage (separate ground and neutral bus). 8 gauge running from garage to pool house in metal conduit. There is a...
  7. someone stole the breaker from a/c disconnect

    Hello, tonight a friend called and said her central air wasn't working. I went over there and discovered some dispicable person stole the pull-out breaker from the disconnect box. Well, I looked all over the outside of the unit and didnt see a nameplate anywhere to get specs from. So my...